Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Kiss Kiss Blankie

Oooh...I'm excited about this little muslin's SO cute!


muslin (1 yard) (or you can buy a muslin blanket)
non-toxic water based acrylic craft paint (I used light pink, red, and salmon)
Frog Tape
lips stamp 

I started off by pre-washing (in hot water) a yard of inexpensive muslin fabric from JoAnn.  
With a coupon it came to a little over $3.
To get nice, straight angles, I folded it in half.

And then in half again...

Fold one more time.  This time don't bring your fold all the way to the top.  Just use it as a guide.  Make a straight cut across the top making sure not to cut the folded end.  
Just cut the raw end.  

Do the same to the side.  

When you're finished it should look like this.  
Once you unfold it you should see that all sides are pretty straight and symmetrical. 

I like the look of a raw edge on's natural and unfussy. 

To create this look just stitch around the edge, wash, tumble dry, and snip off any long stragglers.

Tape your blankie to a table.
If you're worried about paint bleeding through, which it will, then lay craft paper down to protect your surface.  I wiped off any paint residue with a sponge and it came clean.

Now for the fun part!

I squeezed a little paint onto a paper plate and pressed the stamp into it.  I blotted on a clean plate until the stamp was covered in a smooth and even coat...not too globby. 

I alternated randomly between the salmon, pink, and my stamp before color changes.  As far as the placement of the lips, there's a loose pattern here.  I didn't measure or worry too much.

Once the paint is dry (it only takes a few minutes), heat set it with an iron.  I also washed the blankie in cold water and threw it in the dryer to make sure the paint didn't fade or didn't.  
Look how cute it is!


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