Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Easter Avenue Craft Party

I was pretty pumped to host Easter Avenue's first craft party!

The menu was a no brainer.
(I'm a make it from scratch kind of girl but this brownie box mix is my go to in a pinch)

The craft idea came straight from Martha Stewart Living.
(click on her link for the tutorial)

I ordered most of the supplies from Tandy Leather Factory and tried out the 
project to make sure it was easy enough for any skill level.
(scroll to the bottom for a complete supply list)

On average, it took about 6" of leather per key chain.  
Each guest would make 2 keychains, so I ordered 12" of leather per person
and a few extra feet for any last minute guests, and to cover any mess-ups.

I also bought Tandy's alphabet stamp kit, leather hole punch, 
grommets, and grommet setter.
The key rings, waxed twine, and craft paint came from Michaels.  
Rubber mallets came from Home Depot.

I made this little 'flyer' with a beautiful mess and posted it to instagram and Facebook.

By the end of the day, half of the spots were filled.  So exciting!

I calculated the cost of the supplies and food and figured that $15 per person 
would cover the event.
Some people prepaid on my website
others paid the night of the party.

I came out of pocket a little but it was worth it.

I lined the tables with black craft paper and spread out supplies (mason jars of clean water, paint brushes, paint, straight edges, and exacto knives).
Each guest got a black paper bag with their name written in chalk.  Each bag had two 6" leather strips (that I precut), two key rings, and a printout of instructions 
on how to use the grommet setter. 
(I just made copies of the instructions that came with the grommet kit.)

I gave a quick tutorial and showed examples 
of finished keychains.

Look at em go!

We used old magazines for cutting mats.  
Exacto knives with new blades cut through the leather surprisingly easy.

I set up a hammering station on a sturdy table in the dining room where we took turns punching holes and embossing initials into the leather.

Look at these pros!

BYOB brought down the cost a lot.

Roxy and Kristen...keychain making gurus!

I didn't decorate for the party since it was October and 
my Halloween decorations were up, 
but I did stick with the black color scheme 
(black paper bags, black craft paper table covering, etc.)

Easter Avenue's first craft party was a success!

(These are sooooo good!)


  • 12" of leather per person (plus a few extra feet just in case)
  • 2 key rings per person
  • leather hole punch
  • alphabet embossing kit
  • grommet setter
  • grommets
  • rubber mallet (guests took turns)
  • waxed twine
  • craft paint
  • paint brushes
  • cups or bowls for water (I used mason jars)
  • paper towels
  • exacto knives
  • old magazines (used as cutting mats)
  • straight edges (we used rulers and right angles)
  • craft paper to protect tables 
If you host a crafty event, upload your pics to instagram and hashtag it #EACcraftparty 

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