Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fabric Covered Pot

Ready for a fun Spring project?!  
This little fabric covered flower pot is so cute and easy to make.


  • terracotta pot (any size)
  • fabric (large enough to fit around the pot)
  • Mod Podge
  • scissors
  • paint brush or foam brush

Clean off the pot and pull off any price tag stickers.

Cut a bit of fabric to fit around the pot....rounded at the top and bottom.  
Your fabric should be about 6 inches taller than the pot.
Then cut notches into the bottom.  

 Cover the pot generously with Mod Podge.

 Smooth your fabric over the pot making sure to push out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Cut notches into the top.

Coat the inside of the pot with Mod Podge and 
tuck in excess fabric...smoothing out bubbles as you go.

Cut more notches into the bottom of your fabric to get rid of any bulk, 
coat the bottom of the pot with Mod Podge and smooth the fabric triangles down to cover.

It helps to set your flower pot upside down on something like a jar or a cup.

Apply a generous coat of Mod Podge over the entire pot and let dry.

Here's a look at the inside after the MP is dried.

This little flower pot came out so cute!


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